"The Music of Syndica, Volume 1"

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Roger Simpson is celebrating his 50th year as a professional musician. Las Vegas, the Gold Coast of Australia, Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, Phoenix, New York, LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, and many other American cities were former venues.

Music styles he has played include everything with the possible exception of rap & polka.

At present, he still performs many nights a week at Restaurants in Dallas, Texas, a city with a pleasant climate, a vibrant economy, and centrally located.

The Land of Syndica was discovered in a dream. It is a metaphor for the Undiscovered Country that every person is born with and waits to be discovered, uncovered and developed.

For a preview of other genres of music that Roger performs regularly, check out his Jazzy-Rat Packie persona at RogerSimpsonMusic.com or his Cowboy Persona, The Kona Kid, at https://www.facebook.com/3forTexas.

The Undiscovered Country is in You!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

To set sail for the Lost Land of Syndica, all you have to do is imagine where it is that you want to go or what it is that you desire to have. Imagination is a word rooted in word 'Image'.

When an expedition was conceived, an Explorer used any maps that existed previously, anything at all, as a starting point. It might be maps of legendary lands. Or it might be a secret map to a priceless treasure.

What is the priceless treasure or destination that you desire?

These maps were usually vague or incomplete, sometimes filled with mythical places and dangers. Fear turned the vague and unknown into monsters. 

As you set sail and move toward your destination, your treasure, the mind's eye begins to see clearer. Details sharpen. 

You can see yourself spotting land for the first time. You can picture your ship dropping anchor in the pristine bay of blue waters and tan sand. You view a mental video clip of the long boat plowing through the surf and finally lodging on the sandy bottom.

It's as though you already are there, that you've already discovered your undiscovered country: you've already found your treasure.

You can't keep the picture out of your head: The chest sitting on the beach next to the hole in which it was buried, busting the lock, opening the lid, listening to it's noisy, rusty hinges. You gaze at the shining doubloons and the multi-faceted glitter of diamonds, rubies and emeralds in their gold settings.

This is what gets you up in the morning. This is what moves you to inspire your crew day by day to plow on through the uncharted seas.

Everyone else failed because they gave up too soon. Often they gave up just short of sighting land. That happens all the time. 

The only way you will not find the undiscovered country and the treasure it holds is if you give up. It's as though your own mind's detailed, clear, vivid image of what awaits you is as real, as what you see before you right this very second.

Then one day, in the dawn, at the same time you first see the dim outline of it, you hear the third mate shout, "Land ahoy".

You knew it, somehow you knew it. If that land had never existed before, it exists now.

Your landing party is assembled and launches in the long boat. In perfect unison, they pull the oars as you race to the shore, standing on the prow, the waves of the surf adding momentum.

Just as you pictured it, the launch rams ashore in the sand, you leap out, continuing the momentum, and land in the ankle-deep surf ahead of the oarsmen.

You follow your map to the spot, the exact location of the treasure. Your party digs it out and plops it on the sand. A shovel blade breaks the ancient lock, you raise the cover.

There is your treasure, there is what all these days, weeks and months have led to. The jewels and gold shimmer in the tropical sunlight.

You begin removing the treasure from it's chest and dividing it up among the people who believed in your dream, who began the journey with you, who later joined as needed and you all celebrate.

And down at the bottom of the chest is a large piece of parchment. You remove it and bring it out into the firelight in the middle of the evening's celebration on the beach. You unfold it and you and your team stare at it.

It is...another...treasure map...to a treasure...in another undiscovered country.


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